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From time to time, I pause, take a deep breath, and remind myself that before the Internet, before the invention of printing and books, before people started conducting research studies and coming up with all sorts of conflicting results… millions of mothers still managed to feed their babies and raised them Just Fine!

That takes the edge off a little, but doesn’t stop me from wanting to learn and know what I can. Unfortunately, I kind of fell into a spaghetti bowl of info on food and feeding and took a while to disentangle my way out (shall share that story another day). So, here’s hoping someone will have an easier time with this shortlist of resources I’ve found to be more helpful.


1. The Science of Mom, Alice Callahan

I started with her blog, but the chapters in this book on feeding and food – “Getting Started with Solid Foods: When and How to Begin” and “Eat, Grow, and Learn: The Best Foods for Babies” – were good.

2. Child of Mine, Feeding with love and good sense, Ellyn Satter 

The advice on allergies and staggered introduction of foods is a little outdated, but the principle of Division of Responsibility she advocates and her emphasis on helping babies to enjoy eating really, really helped this anxious first-time mother!

3. Baby Led Weaning, Gill Rapley and Tracey Murkett

Although I found this book to be poorly sourced and was uncomfortable with some of the assertions, it was definitely more nuanced than some of the fierce opposition to spoonfeeding I’d seen from some BLW proponents! So anyone keen on BLW ought to read it. I still do think the name is a bit misleading: it’s entirely possible to be spoonfeeding but still allow the baby to lead and not force feed. For balance, do have a look at this post on BLW in general, and this one on the book itself.

… and related sites

1. The Science of Mom blog, especially her posts on starting solids, nutrition, and her recipes. She often shares articles about new research (not all food related of course) on her Facebook page too.

2. Ellyn Satter Institute’s material on how to feed children (sectioned by age)

Guidelines on when/how to start 

1. WHO guidelines on starting solids (6 months)

2. AAP guidelines on starting solids (4 to 6 months)

3. Singapore HPB guidelines (6 months)

Approaches to weaning

1. RIE and lap feeding, using a baby-sized table

2. Montessori weaning preparation, weaning tables and chairs

3. Montessori meets BLW (with a good comparison of the two approaches)


I’m not a creative cook, so the ideas and recipes from talented people out there have been invaluable.

1. One Handed Cooks: Website | FB

2. Annabel Karmel: Website | FB

3. Kat’s delicious kitchen: Website | FB

4. Homemade seasoning powders: FB

She sells interesting ones such as Kai Lan and Mushroom powders! I’ve seen a number of recipes but have yet to try any, and have been wondering about the nutritional value of such powders? Something to look into.

5. Easy porridge recipe  (for something a little more local, heh)

Also, there are plenty of handy recipes, reviews of feeding equipment, highchairs, thermos flasks and tips on where to buy certain foods locally on these FB groups: Baby led weaning Singapore and Healthy Food For My Baby (mix of Singaporean and Malaysian parents).

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