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I did not discover the world of Facebook Groups till I became a parent. In those early, hazy, sleepless days and nights of nursing, burping, changing and soothing a crying newborn, I spent an inordinate amount of time reading posts on the many, many groups I’d joined. Apart from collecting parenting tips, much of that time was spent figuring out group dynamics (and politics!), how people can behave so differently and employ such a broad range of tones/voices in these groups, and this strangely satisfying process of piecing together an idea of the culture and demographic of each group.

Some months into my Facebook groups sojourn, I came across these articles about a really popular moms group which was shut down. Many of the issues raised as possible reasons why it was shut down, seem common to a ton of other Facebook groups. Which I guess is my way of saying, “joiner beware!”

Here’s a list of the groups I joined. Some of these I didn’t discover till quite a bit later and wish I’d known about earlier. So I figure this ought to be helpful to someone on the lookout for groups. đŸ™‚

Singapore-based groups – practical parenting support

Singapore-based buy/sell groups

RIE, Montessori groups

Child education groups

Cooking groups

Munich-based groups (Even though these aren’t useful to me anymore, they were when we were there.)

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